The Price of Love



Did I remember to tell you?

Did you remember to ask me?


Have you seen beauty for free in the market?

Have you seen ‘fresh’ oranges in a basket?



Love is not sold on the streets.

Lust is not sold in boutiques.

Love is not a free antique.

Father needs pay for the lady,

cash for the admired body

to satisfy your sexual orgy.



God’s gift is not free for man.

Beauty is from above not a man.

You see a body and want to place a ban.

You want a jewel to be your night fan.

You want her to call you her man.

Ready with the price or we show you the trash can?



Love is a beautiful phoenix,

the one they say does not exist

the one they say is going extinct.

Bless your star that you’ve found her.

Bless your star that you’ve found the fantasy

Bless your star that you’ve found the extinct.

Now do what is required by instinct.



Love is not a blind man walking on the streets.

It is a blinded woman walking by the pool.

To the low and lowly, love wear glasses.

To the high and mighty, love lacks sight.



You have seen beauty naked before your eyes,

Pay the price and it will be thine.


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  1. Wow, I don’t like Ini, I see him on My campus and I sneer, he never knows my face though. But I can’t help downloading his posts offline, at the end of a tedious pharmchem test, I come here. Help me from myself

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