In The End

In the end, it will occur to you that your end is nothing like your beginning. Maybe it is possible that we agree that it is a little bit like your middle, but certainly nothing like your beginning. The bulk of the things you value now, the bulk of things you love now, the things […]

The Sins of Adam

  This is how it begins: There is Donna and there is Rhoda. Donna is smart and witty. Rhoda is beautiful and sexy: There is a different star in the sky She is the descendant of Madonna. Her eyes the color of the moon On a vampire’s night Her legs, straight, Like the two pillars […]

Into The Wild – Final Episode

CHISOM. He ran down and kept on running. It was as though if he should stop, he would be drawn back by the mountain. He kept on descending the mountain. the lower he went, the more the campus materialized before his eyes even though he still had not seen the faculty of Social Sciences where […]

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