Into The Wild – Final Episode

CHISOM. He ran down and kept on running. It was as though if he should stop, he would be drawn back by the mountain. He kept on descending the mountain. the lower he went, the more the campus materialized before his eyes even though he still had not seen the faculty of Social Sciences where […]

Into The Wild 10

Bisi dropped to the ground and did not rise again. She did not faint. She did not fall to death. She just did not have the strength to remain on her feet. “Bisi! Bisi” Akin was screaming. His face was thick with sweat and the veins on his head were bulging as though they would […]

Into The Wild 4

DAY TWO. 5 A.M. They walked on in silence, not speaking to one another. They had been descending the mountain for what seemed like days but they did not seem to be getting any closer to the base. The only reason they kept going was that they could feel it, they could sense that they […]

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