Into The Wild 3

He did not die. The small boy, he did not die. David kept on descending, keeping his eyes on the boy as he rolled down. As he went down the mountain, he realized that the boy was going slower than he expected. Chisom was wrong; he had more than thirty seconds to save the small […]

A Brief History of Mr. George. {7}

Jerry had cut the call before George could say anything. “What’s it?” Shola asked from the hospital bed. George turned to look at her and placed his hand on her hair. “Nothing, Shola. It’s Jerry,” he said but his voice and appearance betrayed him. Gloom was written all over his face. “George, what is it […]

A Brief History Of Mr. George {4}

It is Sunday afternoon in LAUTECH. We have been on strike for almost two years now and some of us have forgotten our matric number. Now, we are gathered outside our cathedral -like senate building with stones in our hands. Somewhere in the front, our leader is saying some motivating words. He drags on for […]

How To Welcome Death.

​The girl who sat beside Andrew in the waiting room was ugly. There was no better or softer way to put it. Being the cool and friendly person he was, Andrew did not want to conclude that she was ugly. And so he tried to look for something, something beautiful about her no matter how […]


Toluwalope, I. As a child, I always dreamed of my future husband. I think it would be fair if I told you that I suffered from sleeplessness when I was small. I found it hard to sleep during the night and so as to make myself dizzy, I had to think of something sweet or […]

The Other Side. 

​ ONE.  The sun is shining brightly. It must  have been scorching but l do not feel it. In the car,  everything  is warm.  I look outside and see what happens when shelter starts a fight with you. I look up and see what happens when Harmattan decides that it’s not going to rear its […]

This Is How We Died. 

​ This is how we died.  It started on a rough day in December. You were seated on your rocking chair, sipping coffee or Zobo from your mazagran cup. On the TV in front of you, you see a small dirty child sitting in a chair looking as though all the happiness in this life […]


I. Yesterday, Your sweet lips brought forth sweet melody You spoke beautiful words devoid of melancholy Your small hands held mine in prayers Prayers for our brothers, fathers and mothers. Your straight legs shone brightly After our wash by the river that night. But, II. Today,  Love, you are gone with the wind With the […]

My Worst Fear.

​ Today, my worst fear came to life.  Wait. Do you have fears? Are you like me? Is there anything you are very much afraid of? Come one, don’t tell me nothing! I know many parents are scared. Scared of so many things. Some are scared that on a cold day in November, their only […]

You And The Man.

You see a rope You see useless thing without life You walk on. He sees a rope He sees an end to all hope He sees a weapon that takes life He sees much more than a rope. You walk into a café You see a red chair You see a beautiful colour  You order […]

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