The Other Side. 

​ ONE.  The sun is shining brightly. It must  have been scorching but l do not feel it. In the car,  everything  is warm.  I look outside and see what happens when shelter starts a fight with you. I look up and see what happens when Harmattan decides that it’s not going to rear its […]

A Mother’s Love

​ I. If love is the flower that grows on the tree I will understand why Jesus died on a tree If love is the pain you feel for me I will understand why you still cry for me. Pray for me, sing for me, and think about me I will understand why you provide […]

The Priest

  No one jokes with the priest. I do not know why he is called Priest, maybe because he used to pastor the Anglican church near Onuma’s house before he was accused of raping Kalichi. Some say he was a Catholic before he became an Anglican and that it was in his Catholic years that […]

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