A Brief History Of Mr. George {4}

It is Sunday afternoon in LAUTECH. We have been on strike for almost two years now and some of us have forgotten our matric number. Now, we are gathered outside our cathedral -like senate building with stones in our hands. Somewhere in the front, our leader is saying some motivating words. He drags on for […]

A Journey Through Africa.

 My dear Africa, I saw you the day before After my journey across the shore From Newyork  to Pittsburgh, And from Pittsburgh to Moscow ; I have journeyed until I found you. I saw you in Nairobi Your sun shinning brightly on the elegant buildings Buildings built with blood and bones.  I watched in awe […]

The Price of Love

  Did I remember to tell you? Did you remember to ask me? Or, Have you seen beauty for free in the market? Have you seen ‘fresh’ oranges in a basket?   Listen, Love is not sold on the streets. Lust is not sold in boutiques. Love is not a free antique. Father needs pay […]

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