Sleeping With Death.

Have you ever woken up to something strange? Like you sleep and snore and wake up and realize that something is missing. Like you sleep now and wake up all your fingernails gone. Can you imagine the type of fear and panic that will flood your mind? I bet anyone who tells you to keep calm will receive a slap.



So this room mate sleeps like every other person and wakes up to a bleeding leg. A feast had happened over night. Rats had eaten his foot to a bleeding status. I was shocked. Now, it was not the monstrous behaviour of these rodents that shocked me. It was the rate. I have been eaten by rats before back in secondary school and it was horrible. But when I woke up, the blood had dried and I could only see traces.

However, this room mate woke up to a bleeding foot. It was a very disturbing sight. Blood was still flowing when he awoke. When you see things like this, you begin to wonder how one could have slept and not know that he was being feasted upon by animals. And then you remember the story that the rats give you fresh air as they feast on your flesh so you don’t get to wake up until the next morning.

So this room mate rushes to the clinic where he gets treated and he’s told to report the situation.  That’s what we do all the time…reports without results.

Now, I am scared. I am scared, not because we have rats here with us but because we have beasts who do not even have an appetite for our foodstuffs and provisions but prefer to feast on US. This is dreadful. How do you sleep when you know you might wake up to a bleeding hand or leg? How do you sleep when you know you might wake up to see that you have become who you are not over the night? How can you sleep when you know you might be fed upon by hungry rodents?

This evening, I had just entered the room when a big and fat rat followed me in. On seeing the beast, we knew we have two choices. Pack our things and go and sleep in the Reading Room or Common room. Or, find a way to kill the animal. Sleeping with that thing in the same room with us was not an option. We all would have our legs gone before daybreak.. It was like sleeping with death. And who sleeps when death is standing by the pillow?

So we get to work. We bring out the dirty bags from the corners. We clear underneath our bunks and sweep. As we begin cleaning up one of the wardrobes, a small rat scurries out. And then another. And then another. And another. God! Did these guys too pay for Bed space?

Now, the time is 4am. We just finished cleaning up the room, sweeping it, rearranging it, and putting it in a good shape. We have succeeded in killing one of the big  rats. We have chased four out. One has just scurried out leaving blood stains. He’s being injured. Good riddance!

We are all tired. My roommates are already on their bed.Very soon, I will press POST and  this story will leave this room and go and stand tall somewhere on Zuckerberg’s invention. Once that happens, I will shut my eyes and sleep off. And once I close my eyes, only God knows when next I will open them. I have a meeting in four hours. I have a class to attend in six hours. I only pray I wake up in the next eight hours.

It is morning already. But still, I will say Goodnight. Goodnight.

P.S: This is the first time I will ever be saying Goodnight by 4am. Strange.

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