Sex on Sunday


    Joy made sure she sat in the front pew that Sunday morning. She would make sure the pastor saw her. She would keep starring at him in the eyes until their eyes met. Until he reacted. She did not care how he did it. If he liked, he should clear his throat or cough, or use his white handkerchief to wipe his fake sweat. She wasn’t concerned. What she wanted was for him to know that she was seated there right in front of him. And if he didn’t, she would go back to the Pastorate Office and see him. She would not say anything. She would just enter and stare him in the face, shake her head in disgust and get out. And if he tried to avoid her at all, she would be waiting at the Parsonage.
         During the choir presentation, an usher came and tapped her.

‘Madam, the front pew is reserved for new comers, please can you move to the other -‘ she said gesturing towards the pew.

‘I am a new comer!’ Joy said without thinking. She would not allow anything to hinder her plan.

Seeing that Joy did not seem to be in a good mood, the usher left her alone.

After the choir presentation, the pastor stepped onto the pulpit. Fury filled Joy’s heart. Seeing him there on the pulpit, the event of that morning seemed to play all over again in her head.

She had rushed to the Pastor’s office immediately after Sunday school to tell him about the Christian seminar her school was organizing. Because she was a new teacher there, she had been appointed as the organizing secretary and she had decided to have her pastor as one of the ministers who would come and talk to her teenage students on the theme of the seminar: Fleeing Youthful Lusts.

With letter in hand, Joy had rushed over to the Pastorate office that morning. The secretary was not on her seat so she decided to knock on the pastor’s office door and enter. However, the door of the office was not even closed properly. As she moved closer to knock, she peered in to see if the pastor was even in. What she saw shocked her.

There was the secretary on the pastor’s laps kissing and touching him all over.

‘ quiet,’ the pastor said as he fumbled with his tie and drew the secretary closer to himself and kissed her even more violently. Joy could not believe her eyes. They must be deceiving her. But if her eyes were playing pranks on her, what of her ears? She could hear the sensual moans of the secretary as she wrapped herself around the pastor whose hands were now beneath her skirts and on her breasts.

When she could take it no more, Joy cleared her throat loudly.

‘Well-done, Pastor. Good morning,’ she greeted, entering the office.

The pastor and his partner in crime were on their feet instantly. The secretary quickly pulled down her skirt, picked up her shoes and dashed out without a word.

‘Hmm-mm,’ the pastor cleared his throat. ‘How may I help you, sister?’

Joy was flabbergasted. Was this what was supposed to escape out of his mouth? She felt the urge to raise her hand up and land a hefty slap on his face but she restrained herself and sighed.

‘How can you help me, eh? Help me by confessing your acts to the church during the sermon this morning!’ She hissed and walked out of the office. 

She watched now as the pastor climbed onto the pulpit and cleared his throat. He still had the guts to come up here! 

Just then, their eyes met. A feeling of satisfaction filled Joy’s heart to the brim. Now he would have no choice but to step down, she thought. 

But then, the pastor looked down to his bible, sighed and said, ‘Our topic for today is “Sexual Purity, both for the Married and the Unmarried.” – 1 Thessalonians  4: 3- 8. Let us. Pray.’

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  1. Ooh lah lah! What’s my name again?

    Happy birthday to Deborah Oladele. Blessings today and every day along the way!

    Cool read, Mike.

  2. WTF!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..Sister joy tho…that’s life,good write up broπŸ‘ŠπŸΏ,More power

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