Row! Row!! Row!!!

here is another long one:
silver is golden, value one

and you will get the other
sing songs. tell tales

of those who have gone before you

who let loose their sails

when the waves came rocking.
seal songs: tear tales

of those who reached the shore

and said no.

shameless as a whore

they return to their caves

biding their time: awaiting death.
sing songs that send the spirit life

morale. enthusiasm. power.

tell tales of success and triumph

for the other tales have been told already

by countless mouths.
sing songs of success and triumph

add melodies to the lines left by hungry lads

give life to broken souls:

let it count

the sore strolls of those before you.

tell tales: read stories

write lines: sing lyrics

and when the sun comes out the next day

may it not meet you sleeping.
set sail

row with the tides of testimonies

of those

waiting on the other side

row! row!! row!!!

sing! sing!! sing!!!

tell! tell!! tell!!!


you’re almost there!!

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