Let’s Take A Trip To Ghana.

A DREAM. I am dreaming. I am standing in front of stones, huge stones arranged in a straight vertical line. These stones are fresh, neat, smooth; the kind of stones you find under the sea, precious stones. There is this guy beside me. He is a black guy with a white face. I know he […]

A Brief History of Mr. George – {8} Final Episode.

It is morning. I am walking down the corridor with Jerry and Stephen. Stephen is holding my right hand. He has been holding me like this for days. The walls are white: white and eerie. Scary, even. It is as though there are black demons behind these walls and as we approach our destination, they will compress the walls and choke life out of us. Stephen catches my eyes and I manage a weak smile: I have forgotten what it means to be happy

A Brief History of Mr. George. {7}

Jerry had cut the call before George could say anything. “What’s it?” Shola asked from the hospital bed. George turned to look at her and placed his hand on her hair. “Nothing, Shola. It’s Jerry,” he said but his voice and appearance betrayed him. Gloom was written all over his face. “George, what is it […]

A Brief History of Mr. George {6}

  “And when the day comes When we can’t walk no more We’ll have two seats on my front porch I’ll still call you young girl So young girl, rock with me” -Jon Bellion, Rocking Chairs. For the next five days, George watched the clock.. He could not wait for Friday to come. He lived from Sunday […]

A Brief History Of Mr. George {4}

It is Sunday afternoon in LAUTECH. We have been on strike for almost two years now and some of us have forgotten our matric number. Now, we are gathered outside our cathedral -like senate building with stones in our hands. Somewhere in the front, our leader is saying some motivating words. He drags on for […]

A Brief History of Mr. George. {2}

My name is Folarin George. I am a Part 3 student of the department of History, Obafemi Awolowo University. I am a Christian. And I will be eighteen years old in two months time. NEW FRIENDS. The HOD started with introduction: introducing us to the class. He walked around the large room and removed his […]

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