Into The WIld 6

DAY TWO. 8 P.M. Their second night in the wild did not go well. They had spent their first night in the rain, running around and descending the mountain so they did not really feel anything. They did not sense any danger neither did it occur to them that they were actually in what seemed […]

Into The Wild 5

  DAY TWO. 8:00 A.M. “What do you mean we are on the other side of the mountain?” Bukunmi asked in shock. She did not want to believe what her mind was telling her. “What do you mean ‘what do I mean’?” Tara responded in anger, her eyes narrowing to slits. She put her backpack […]

Into The Wild 4

DAY TWO. 5 A.M. They walked on in silence, not speaking to one another. They had been descending the mountain for what seemed like days but they did not seem to be getting any closer to the base. The only reason they kept going was that they could feel it, they could sense that they […]

Into The Wild 3

He did not die. The small boy, he did not die. David kept on descending, keeping his eyes on the boy as he rolled down. As he went down the mountain, he realized that the boy was going slower than he expected. Chisom was wrong; he had more than thirty seconds to save the small […]

Into The Wild 2

DAY ONE. 7PM. They climbed on, slowly and steadily. The sun had gone to sleep and the moon must have been preparing to rear its head as they ascended the mountain. The seven of them, AK, who was the leader of the team, Chisom, Kazeem, David – the Part 6 medical student, Tara – his […]

Into The Wild 1

DAY 1. The phone rang twice but Bukunmi did not pick it. Instead, she remained seated in front of her mirror applying her makeup. It was 5pm in the evening and it was a rather unusual time to be applying makeup as the sun had already gone down and darkness was about to fall on […]

What Happened.

Our story ends well that much, I am sure of. I do not write comedy. I do not enjoy writing comedy. There are many reasons behind this but the major is that, life isn’t a comedy. In life, real life, people die. In real life, emotions get into the head and the results are not […]

What Does This Mean?

  Here is a story for you: The boy does not know when he falls in love. He is not even sure it is love but then, he knows it is something more than a mere attraction. He knows the feeling is not ordinary. He has had this feeling before, many years ago while he […]

The Girl

She will not remember me. The girl, she will not remember me. But I will. I will remember her. I will remember her smooth clay-colored skin. I will remember her smile, her small beautiful smile; that smile small children have before life hits them with a missile and blows up all the innocence in them, […]

The Distance Between Us 3

THE SERIES. If you are familiar with this blog, you will know from the title of this post that it is a ‘catching up’ post. Apart from the George series I did late last year, there is another – rather silent – series on this blog. It is called ‘The Distance Between Us’. I write […]

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