She is Doxa

  Writing is like digging and mining something; it takes time and effort. Oni Oladunni   The line above is the reason why I have not written anything since I got back from Niger state. It’s not exactly because there are no stories to tell. Trust me, there are a ton of stories to tell. […]

All Sisters Brother

When I asked Shae to tell me her story, she said I wouldn’t understand. And really, even though I can understand her story, I think I can understand why she would think I cannot understand. Even I cannot understand my own story. It’s very complicated. Rocket science is easier to understand, she said. I smiled […]


“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.” ― Federico García Lorca, Blood Wedding and Yerma There are those who stalk me, both physically and spiritually, those who watch every single step I take and do not forget one single thing I say. These are […]

On Reading and Writing

  Because silence is a volume of words lost in translation. And speechlessness is what happens when you are torn between what your heart is saying, and what your mind is saying. – Michael Tolulope Emmanuel. There are times when I ask myself if I am really a writer. If God really created me with […]

Into The Wild – Final Episode

CHISOM. He ran down and kept on running. It was as though if he should stop, he would be drawn back by the mountain. He kept on descending the mountain. the lower he went, the more the campus materialized before his eyes even though he still had not seen the faculty of Social Sciences where […]

Into The Wild 10

Bisi dropped to the ground and did not rise again. She did not faint. She did not fall to death. She just did not have the strength to remain on her feet. “Bisi! Bisi” Akin was screaming. His face was thick with sweat and the veins on his head were bulging as though they would […]

Into The Wild 9

How do you measure time? Do you measure it in the number of hours or minutes? Or do you measure it in the amount of energy dissipated within a particular duration of time? Do you measure time in strength and weakness, tangible things that we can see and behold or in seconds and minutes, mental […]

Into The Wild 8

DAY THREE Bisi remained with his body for-ever. She would not leave, not even when Akin called her. She knelt by the lifeless pound of flesh and cried. They did not understand why. Tara and Akin looked at her as though she was insane. They did not know what had happened while they were sleeping. […]

Into The Wild 7

At first, it did not seem like a big deal to Bisi. She just turned around and returned to where she lay beside Akin. But then it hit her again and she turned around again and saw the small boy standing behind her. She looked at where he had been lying before the darkness fell; […]

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