The Other Side. 

​ ONE.  The sun is shining brightly. It must  have been scorching but l do not feel it. In the car,  everything  is warm.  I look outside and see what happens when shelter starts a fight with you. I look up and see what happens when Harmattan decides that it’s not going to rear its […]

This Is How We Died. 

​ This is how we died.  It started on a rough day in December. You were seated on your rocking chair, sipping coffee or Zobo from your mazagran cup. On the TV in front of you, you see a small dirty child sitting in a chair looking as though all the happiness in this life […]


Dear Wanjiku, I received your parcels last week. I’m sorry this is coming late. I have been down for a while now and I’m just getting on my feet. I saw the beautiful photos you sent, most especially the Nairobi sunset. It looks more beautiful than when you described it. I’m thinking of coming over […]

A Boy Goes Home.

​ Home is the colour of life, of nature. When you think of nature, you think of green things; green pastures, green leaves and blossoming flowers with pollinators flying around them. When you think of nature, you close your eyes and see the woods, the stars, the sun, the moon, sunrise and sunset. Nature reminds […]

A Mother’s Love

​ I. If love is the flower that grows on the tree I will understand why Jesus died on a tree If love is the pain you feel for me I will understand why you still cry for me. Pray for me, sing for me, and think about me I will understand why you provide […]

Like Mary.

When I first got my sister’s message, I was overjoyed.  It was a Sunday. I do not usually take my phone to church so I left it at home that Sunday and went to the church with mum and dad. Church was great. Our pastor preached about unfaithfulness in marriage. I liked the message because […]


I. Yesterday, Your sweet lips brought forth sweet melody You spoke beautiful words devoid of melancholy Your small hands held mine in prayers Prayers for our brothers, fathers and mothers. Your straight legs shone brightly After our wash by the river that night. But, II. Today,  Love, you are gone with the wind With the […]

A Journey Through Africa.

 My dear Africa, I saw you the day before After my journey across the shore From Newyork  to Pittsburgh, And from Pittsburgh to Moscow ; I have journeyed until I found you. I saw you in Nairobi Your sun shinning brightly on the elegant buildings Buildings built with blood and bones.  I watched in awe […]

My Worst Fear.

​ Today, my worst fear came to life.  Wait. Do you have fears? Are you like me? Is there anything you are very much afraid of? Come one, don’t tell me nothing! I know many parents are scared. Scared of so many things. Some are scared that on a cold day in November, their only […]

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