#Letter: It’s Ok To Be In The Friend Zone

Hey man!
I have a lot to tell you, like a whole lot, but I am restricted by a lot of things. For example, Michael asked
for a thousand words, and besides, too much info about the future might make you complacent but I
will try to give you as much as I believe you need.

As I am writing this, I know you are pissed. Pissed about how your parents left you in FEGO, especially how you had to walk around school on visiting days hoping that you would see someone that knows someone. Then you will pray that someone remembers you, either from Adam or from Jericho, and if luck is on your side, the person will offer you 4 to 5 spoons of rice or maybe just enough to take you to PMC. I know. I understand but trust me, you will appreciate it.

You will face things very early into your life – things that will force out the mature part of you. You will have to make decisions; crazy and big decisions. Not decisions on the style of hair you should cut, or the size of your trousers and shirts – those are minor, let Mummy Ojo handle that for now. I know you hate wearing those baggy clothes and cutting that skodo. There are a lot more at stake. The future needs a much more mature version of you. Get ready for it.

It is okay to be in the friend zone, you will later realize that it will help you have a listening ear, especially because you had to counsel girls you liked over issues with guys they liked. It will teach you to get used
to the friendzone but please, Samuel, know when to break out if not, you would almost lose a very
amazing girl because you will get too comfortable in the friend zone.

Don’t let the insult that came with you going to the ICT center affect you, neither let the wrongful public flogging of your teacher affect you. You were wrongly accused, but all those times will properly equip you for the future. You will fall in love. Not with any girl or food, but with a field. A field different from what you thought you wanted. It will make you look clueless or confused or like an NFA but, eventually, you will be fine. That ICT center you see, will refine you and open you up to a lot of things.

You will make a couple of bad decisions and you will also make a lot of good decisions. You will meet a
lot of people that will help you, and you will meet more that will hurt you but the good part of it all is that the people that will help you will do more than the ones that hurt you. You will meet so many beautiful people – an example is a brown-skinned girl you will eventually call Diamond, she will help you, push you and will join you in fighting a lot of personal fights and even collective fights. The good part is that you will win, always.

I am sure by now; you already know you are different. For example, you are not part of those guys that will raise up their hands excitedly in Mathematics or Further Mathematics class. In fact, your thoughts and ideas are not the same as the guys in your circle. In fact, you know those two boys, the tall one in Art class and that one in Science class that always act like they own everything in the world? Those boys you don’t like? Well, spoiler alert, you will eventually like; sorry love them. You will come to realize that you have a lot more in common with all those guys you want to be friends with by force. Those two guys will eventually help you get wiser than your age. They will support you. You will eventually be prayer partners, room-mates, gist partners and a lot more. So, take a chill pill with the hate, you won’t need it.
Pay close attention to the lessons, though. You will begin to know yourself.

As time goes on, you will come to the utmost realization that your low self-esteem was for the wrong reasons. Your self-worth should be based on major things like you, knowledge, faith and your

relationships not on the size of your head, age or even the amount of provisions in your box. You will realize all those things that you see in those boys that threaten you, you will have more. You will find out that you can stand with those guys, you can contend on the same test of knowledge and beat them.

You will come to realize that you are intelligent and you are full of ideas. As a result of this, you will be much more confident in yourself.

Before I go, let me say this, hold on to your God. Know him for who he is. Do not let anybody show you God through their eyes. See him for yourself. You will come to realize how important that is as time goes on.

I am limited, Samuel, on what I can tell you because I am still living life but I can tell you as Nate told Nate, that your life is nothing short of amazing. I am excited about you, about us, and how much of an impact we will make and I am sure you will love what you see later on.

Yours’ from the future,

Sent in by Adekunle Samuel

22 thoughts on “#Letter: It’s Ok To Be In The Friend Zone

  1. This is amazing. I can totally relate with fego with feggi, I think a letter to the future shoukd also bw written

  2. The fact that Samuel wrote this piece made every word beautiful and worth reading. I learnt from this piece. Nice one Samuel, soar!

  3. I’m in tears! This is so beautiful! I could feel the emotion in the words and I imagined seeing you go through all these. You should write more often, sir.🌚

  4. This reminds me of how the things that seem to be our biggest worries at the moment will pass and we will wonder why it mattered so much.

    A beautiful read. Thank you for sharing.

  5. “Do not let anybody show you God through their eyes. See him for yourself.” This is legit. It’s a beautiful writeup. I got smiling all along.☺

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