It Happened In Our Time.

Come, son

Let me tell you the story of the sun

Let me tell you how it lost its light

And how we now live in this night.

Let me tell you the story of our sons

The ones we lost to wars and fight.
It happened in our time

We saw it right before our eyes

Justice made naked in the marketplace

Corruption looked us in the face

And we watched with silent face

As our kingdom became a jungle.
It happened in our days

Our leaders changed their ways

They gave us bags of grain

And we exchanged our ballot for pain

We were blinded with bribe

And in our blindness, the sun died.
My son, count me among them

Count me amount the ones who killed this place

I declare myself guilty this day

Count me among the silent dodos

Count me along the cowards that refused to die

Among those who refused to fight evil
It happened in our time

I watched as the truth was led to the gallows

I watched as our ladies walked the streets with bare chests

I watched as our money went into private chests

Count me among them, my son

Among those who sent the sun to the gallows.

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