His First Sex.

The day he died,  he had sex. It  was his first  time.  He did not die during  the act,  no.  He was moaning sensually and wishing  it would never end. But it did end,  and his life with it. 

It happened  on a Sunday. The boy had just woken up in his room at a very strange time: 4am. He was not sure what woke him up. But when he sat up and yawned,  he realized  that his boxers was wet and somehow sticky.

“Not again!” He whispered  as he got up and made to clean himself.  All his roommates  were still asleep. Buru was sleeping like a dog. His bed was on the floor and on his bunk  was a heap of dirty clothes and waste paper.  Half of his body was on the bed and the other half was on the floor.  He mouth lay wide open,  like that of an Israelite waiting for divine manner. The twins  were snoring; Mark and Matthew. The boy ignored them and checked  his own bunkmate. Ala was sleeping  quietly.  If not for the regular heaving of his bare hairy chest, one would have thought him a dead man. 

The boy sighed. This was his fourth time in seven days. 

The first time it happened, he just washed himself and went back to sleep. Releasing semen  was a normal thing,  he had been told by his Biology  teacher.  ‘Once your sac is full,  it finds a way to empty itself and does so by releasing especially when you’re asleep,’ she had said with a tone of uncertainty. So,  the first time,  it did not matter  much. The second  time also.  The third birthed a fear in him.  Why is my sac getting full so fast? What is happening to me? And then he had asked his bunkmate,  Ala.  Ala had confessed honestly that he had not experienced such a rush in his entire life of seventeen years. He had advised him to ask Buru who was  the eldest in the room. Buru was twenty-one years old.  He was too old for secondary school. When he told him about his excessive release,  his advice scared him. 

“It has happened to me before, you see, ” Buru started with.  “But here is the thing,  you just need to do something  to stop it.  It happens to everybody,  you see. (Buru was fond of saying you see.  The boy hated that.) There  are three things you can do. First, let it keep plaguing  you and do nothing. ”

“Forever?” The boy exclaimed. That was no option,  he thought. 

“You see,  that’s the first.  The second thing you can do is to pleasure yourself. ”

“Like  masturbate?” The boy asked in shock. 

“What’s masturbate?”

The boy gave him a searching  look. It was not surprise  that made him to do.  It was doubt.  If Buru claimed  he did not know the meaning of the word,  he would not be surprised. Buru was a dullard,  everyone knew.  How else could you explain his inability to spell simple words like rhythm and curiosity.

“Don’t worry. Go on, ” the boy said after he was convinced that Buru was actually a fool with an empty skull. 

“Okay. The third,  which I did during my own plague is to meet a girl. ”

The boy knew what he meant. That day,  he had walked away regretting that he ever discussed  his problem  with the overgrown idiot. 

But the words that had been planted in his heart did not walk away.  Like seeds on an empty fertile ground,  they took root and stayed firm.  Little by little,  they grew and remained firm,  waiting for the harvest. 

He returned from his wash and went to the room.  Buru was completely  on the floor now.  The twins had increased  the volume of their annoying snores. Ala was as peaceful  as a dove. 

The could not sleep.  He just sat down on his bed and waited and thought  about everything that had been happening  to him. 

 I can’t continue like this.  This is a new week. Today is Sunday; a sacred  day. 

A hour went. 

Two hours. 

Three hours. 

By 7am,  all his roommates  except his bunkmate were already up. The twins and Buru never went to church.  Only he and Ala did.  But today, he was feeling strange. He did not feel the urge to go to church.  Today,  church was like a boring and useless Chemistry class he had to go so as to mark himself present. 

As Buru and the twins made to go to the classrooms, he followed them. 

“You’re  not going to church?” Mark,  one of the twins asked. 

He shook his head subconsciously, his head down in shame and guilt. When he looked up,  they were not on the way to the classrooms.

“Wait.  Wait,  guys.  We are not going to the classrooms?”

Buru  laughed.  “No buddy.  We’re off to the Other Side.”

The Other Side… They were going out of school… Illegally. “This is what you do every  Sunday?”

“Yeah,  buddy.  Every fucking  Sunday.  You see,  do you think we’d  still be students  if we told you and that your SU bunkie  every Sunday  where exactly  we are going?”

“You  lied to me?” The boy felt foolish. 

“Everybody  lies my guy. It’s  in our biology, you see, “Buru said.  The twins laughed. 

“I am very sure you meant genes,” one of them said. The other laughed at him.

“Whatever.  Are you coming or not? ” Buru asked.  

Three pairs of eyes were  fixed on him. I can’t go to the Other Side.  It’s illegal.  I can’t disobey the school. “No,” he said and made for the classrooms. 

The classrooms were quiet.  They always were on Sunday. Every student was expected  to be in the church or mosque. The boy was not going to church today, that was settled. 

He found an empty  classroom  and entered  and resumed his thoughts. My excessive release. He had no one else to ask. He was sure if he should call his mother,  she would attribute  it to some strange family witches  who wanted  him impotent. Am I impotent? No, no.  I can’t be ejaculating  if I’m impotent. But…what if I actually  am? Should  I do this thing Buru is suggesting? 

He imagined himself  with a girl,  naked together  in some bush behind their Agriculture laboratory. The thought  of it excited  him. And immediately,  he was already thinking  of which girl. There were many who liked him in his class. Every girl likes a brilliant  boy. He blushed and laughed  at himself.  He was happy and alive. The names were rotating  his head and he was losing control of his senses. Bola,  Shade,  Ada,  Mariam,  Sabina,  Rofiat,  Damisi,  Dasola,  Solape, Chidinma, Blessing, Esther… Many names! He knew most of them would not be in church.  Only Damisi was the SU among  them. The others would probably  be in their hostel or on the Other Side. He felt his member rise and he got up. He had to do something. 

Ada was his surest  bet.  That one,  he need only  ask or give the sign. She would understand  immediately. She had once sent him a paper with the letter ‘I’ in the ‘v’part of the letter ‘Y’.  When he asked Buru what it meant,  he said it was a call. “She wants to do you,” he had said.  That was two weeks before. If only I can get Ada now,  he thought as he sat down and dropped  his head on the  table before him. 

When he woke up,  his boxers was wet and sticky  again. I have  to wash,  he said frightfully. He stood up and looked out of the window.  Outside was as empty  as a graveyard. He got out of the classroom  and turned  to the direction  of his hostel.  It was then he heard the call. 

Ada’s  voice.  He turned  back and saw her waving from a window  of one of the junior  classes. An answered  prayer. He was in the classroom in jiffy. There was no one else within except the girl. 

“Good morning,  Ada. ”

“Morning  to you too. You didn’t go to church? ” She asked looking  up. There were some books in front of her and a broken mirror. Her face was bright.  Beautiful. But her voice was more beautiful. 

“No.  I was a little  bit down today,” he said. A sad look surfaced on her face.  She cares about me,  he thought. And  then he added, “Can I see  you for a minute?”

“Hope no problem? ” She looked disturbed.  Or is it fear he glimpsed?

 “See,  I was going to tell you.  If it’s  about the Y note,  I wasn’t… ” Ada began

“Yeah,  it’s  about that. Just that… I… I wanna… I wanna do too. ”

She covered  her mouth with her two hands in shock  and for a fleeting  moment,  he knew he had failed. Only when she removed  the  hands,  her lips stretched  in a smile. 


She grabbed  his hand and got up. 

“Where are we going? ”

“The toilet. ”

It was not the usual toilet he always  visited. It was the staff toilet  which  was always locked that she took him to. She provided a key and the entered  and locked them in.

“Where… Where did you get that?”

“A teacher forgot  it with me.”

She straightened  up and began undressing. The boy could feel his member  on fire.  Ada was the girl.  She removed  her skimpy  skirt and flung it aside. 

“Do you want to do it with your dress on?” She asked as she brought  her naked body  closer to him and started  removing his trousers. 

In less than a minute,  they were on fire. It was fun.  She moaned like a chick in pain that the boy first thought he was hurting  her until she whispered,  “You’re so much fun.” He enjoyed  it.  The life.  The energy.  The sounds.  Her body.  The touch of their body together.  He so much enjoyed it he wished it would never  end. But it did end. 

He soon got tired and slid down from atop her.  Her chest was heaving up and down.  Same with his. It was as if he had just finished carrying some 50kg weight. 

“We should do this again right? ”

“S…su…sure, “he managed to say. 

“I love you.  You know that right? ”

“I.. I love you too. ”

She got up and began to dress. He did the same. And they kissed,  like one of those things they did in movies.  They pressed their lips together  and opened their mouth.  Their mouths  were busy and so was their hands. 

She broke away first.  “We are never going to stop if we continue.  We should do it again  next week,  abi? ”

“Yeah…sure. ” 

When he woke  up the next morning,  he was wet again. This time  around,  it was more. The time was 5am. Why again?  Why?

He found Buru in the bathroom.

“It hasn’t stopped,  Buru. ”

“What? ” the stupid boy asked. 

“My release. It’s  become more.”

“Oh.. That?  It will keep coming until you do the needful. Three options you remember? ”

“I have done it…yesterday. ”

“What? You… You pleasured yourself? ” he looked surprised.

“No…the third option. ”

“Jesus! ” That was the first time he would hear Buru say ‘Jesus’

“You seriously…like had sex?” He is surprised.  Why is he surprised? The boy wondered. 

He nodded.  “You said it was going to stop.  It hasn’t. See, ” he showed  Buru his erected member. 

“Whao! That’s a huge thing you got down there…  But.. I was just joking.  I never knew you took it seriously. ”

No.  No.  No.  I must have heard him wrongly. It’s all a lie?  “What did you say? ”

“I mean,  I never knew you took it serious.  I was just…you see…joking. ”

“You.. You lied to me? ”

“Come on.  Every body lies.  It’s  in our biology,  I told you.  Anyways,  I’m sure  you enjoyed  it.  Who was it?  Ada,  the Y girl? ”

The boy walked away.  Buru knows.  Buru knows I had sex with Ada. And Buru is a parrot. The school has known already. The whole school. And then my parents. My family.

He did not know where he was going. He just went.  He was lost. He was dying.  He had had sex…the unforgivable sin. He had sinned against the Holy Spirit.  He would die and go to hell. He remembered the sermon his pastor at home had preached during their Teen Camp. 

“A woman is like the devil,  Lucifer  himself in clothes.  When you behold  the nakedness  of a woman,  you behold the deceiver in all his nakedness. ”

He had seen Ada’s  nakedness.  He had seen Lucifer.  He had slept with Lucifer,  the enemy of God. He felt dirty…unworthy. 

I ought to die. I ought to die. 

He found himself in the Sports Office. It was just 6am and the whole place was still empty  save for a student  sleeping  on one of the High Jump beds.  The room was filled with sport equipments  and things.  Javelin, discuss, high jump stands,  batons,  sneakers,  boots, tug of war ropes… His eyes stopped  their and his head started working. A rope… That was all he needed. As he walked out,  the only thing he saw was his wasted life reflecting  in Ada’s broken  mirror and the rope in his hands. 


The whole school woke up to the horrible  sight. There  was a crowd beneath  the tree beholding  the hanging boy. The news had been carried by the sleeping  boy in the Sports Office who was on his way to the dining hall  for breakfast. He claimed the boy was still alive when he saw him dangling and ran down for help.  By the time the whole school  got there,  the boy was gone. 

Ala cried when he saw his bunkmate hanging  loosely  like a bag of dry bones. 

“What was his name? ” a strange  girl beside  him asked. 

“His name, ” Ala was  shocked..shocked  that in the space of ten minutes, everything  about his friend was now was…past tense.  Ala looked into the girl’s  eyes before he answered. “His name… His name was Joseph. ”

Slowly, the girl said, “RIP,  Joseph. ”

The End.
Ignorance is the mother of failure. Don’t be ignorant.

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  1. Wow.
    So, be careful who you share your problems with. As described, words are like a seed, when planted, it grows and grows until it’s fully developed and then ready to be acted upon.
    I got that Mike.
    This is one great story I’ve read this month!

  2. I felt an urge to go back and re read dis article… Nawu I think I got the message I missed initially……..

    .xtnks pal fr dis write up… trust me it got to me!

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