You Will Remember Things.

As you stand by his grave and read his spooky epitaph, with tears in your eyes, you will remember those days. You will remember many things. Things that you want to remember. Things that you never want to remember. Things that you never even knew happened. You will remember and spill tears; tears of joy, […]

Sex on Sunday

        Joy made sure she sat in the front pew that Sunday morning. She would make sure the pastor saw her. She would keep starring at him in the eyes until their eyes met. Until he reacted. She did not care how he did it. If he liked, he should clear his […]

Coming Home [Part 2.]

Dear Ayanla,

When I received your letter, Ayanla, I did not know how to react. At first, a river of happiness flooded my heart at the thought of seeing your rebellious face again. And then grief beyond measure swept me off my feet. It is sad, Ayanla, that you ignored all our warnings and pushed your own mother to the floor that night you sent Folashade away. It is sad that after you’ve caused our family a big loss and thrown our family name into big disrepute, you are coming back with the magical words.

Coming Home. [Part 1]

Dear Uncle,

Yes, it is not a mistake. It is not a dream. It is me, Ayanla. I will not be surprised or disappointed if you decide not to read this letter further because I know I do not deserve your attention and should even be grateful that you have read to this point and are still reading. Uncle, I want to say sincerely, I AM SORRY.

The Priest

  No one jokes with the priest. I do not know why he is called Priest, maybe because he used to pastor the Anglican church near Onuma’s house before he was accused of raping Kalichi. Some say he was a Catholic before he became an Anglican and that it was in his Catholic years that […]


Peace House, Akowonjo, Ogbomoso. March 15, 2016. OPEYEMI. Opeyemi, you are the only girl to grace the beautiful pages of my diary. What a lucky girl you are! No – no. What a lucky guy I am to you have you in my diary, in my heart. I do not know why I’m writing this […]

A Letter to Wale.

Do you know the reason behind your name? No? Of course, you know there is a reason behind you bearing Wale. Africans names are always known for their indepth meaning and source. If you see a girl bearing, Togunleyi, run away. The name mean ‘This belongs to Ogun.’ Abi, you want to be competing with […]

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