On My Missing Wallet. [Part 2]

It happened on Thursday [or was it Friday.] I was in Health Sciences Lecture Theatre receiving a lecture when my phone started vibrating. I checked. It was an incoming call from a strange number. So I do what I do when someone is calling when I’m in class. I cut the call and send the message; ‘In class. Send a message.’

On My Stolen Wallet… [Part I]

Last week Thursday, something terrible happened to me. I went to my school library to read and dropped my bag in the pigeonholes and went into the reading section to read. Before I even settled down, after walking through some shelves, I went back to my bag to pick up my phone charger so I could charge my phone in the library and also do some research. On getting to the pigeonhole where my bag was, I searched and realized that my wallet was gone. Strange right? I’d call it crazy!

We Need More Sex Talks.

For some time now, I have been thinking about sex and where we all get the knowledge of it. I have been in gatherings where the need for sex talks between parents and their kids have been well emphasized (not overemphasized). I have heard stories about teenagers who have made great mistakes simply because they got their knowledge of sex from the wrong source. I have seen old men who regret not knowing about sex before having it. I have read stories of molestation, abuse, rape, failures of the formal sex education, premarital sex etc. and I have come to the conclusion that We Need More Sex Talks.

Opening Your Heart

​ Last week, a friend asked me a question so many people must have been meaning to ask me but have not just because they haven’t had the chance or are, perhaps, scared of what my response might be.  I had just returned from a four-day camp; Operation Salvage where I took pictures with most […]

Sharing Experience

If you look closely at that picture, you will see that I am not smiling. This is not because not I was hungry or anything. I wasn’t hungry and someone had not just slapped me. I was just not happy. My Ayee, my teacher and I had just had a hard talk. You see, when […]

Letter to Anglomoz. #NOSUM

Room 307 Block 5, Awo Hall Obafemi Awolowo University. Dear Anglomoz, Good evening. How are you? How is your back? I know you are fine, looking good, enjoying yourself. I imagine you now in Forks and Fingers, doing the abominable, ordering three plates of rice and fish and chicken and fried plantain and spaghetti and […]

Sleeping With Death.

Have you ever woken up to something strange? Like you sleep and snore and wake up and realize that something is missing. Like you sleep now and wake up all your fingernails gone. Can you imagine the type of fear and panic that will flood your mind? I bet anyone who tells you to keep […]


A brilliant smile appears on your face as the driver announces that you are now in Ogbomoso. Home. Very soon, the driver parks. You alight and then wait for the fair girl you have come with to do the same. Then you both move to the boot to get her traveling bag. And then you […]

For Father’s Day

How are you? How is everything about you? I got a message from you now that you are on your way to your station. Safe journey. Hope the driver is driving responsibly? If he is not, kindly tell him to slow down. Tell him you are not in a hurry to end the journey neither are you in a hurry to end your life. Tell him you have a wonderful son who needs you more than anything. So, he should chill and in case he is tired of this life with all its crises, he should kindly not take you people, his passengers on his way to Sheol.

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