​ This is a very short post. It’s not the kind of thing I write about and so I think it is necessary that I let you know why I am writing this. I am doing this for two reasons. One of my most admired Kenyan bloggers and creative nonfiction writers Bikozulu wrote a post […]

Broken Lines.

Hello friends, in my last post I promised to write about my absence and why I stopped blogging for a while. This is one of the reasons: During my absence, I was passing through a difficult psychological phase. I wasn’t myself. I was thinking of making decisions I knew I shouldn’t be making. I was […]

Staying Human.

​​Obafemi Awolowo University. So I was reading in Oduduwa Lecture Theatre 2 when I heard this strange terrible sound. It was sounded like a gunshot and then I thought it was an explosion. I wasn’t the only one who heard it. All of us in the lecture theatre turned back. Some folks were on their […]

Pounded Yam!

​ Dear hometown, I’m sorry. I denied you for food last week. Last week Saturday will remain unforgettable in my head. While I was in junior secondary school, we were always asked in exams to write about the days we could never forget. The questions always came in funny ways. Question 1: Write essay on […]

This Is How We Died. 

​ This is how we died.  It started on a rough day in December. You were seated on your rocking chair, sipping coffee or Zobo from your mazagran cup. On the TV in front of you, you see a small dirty child sitting in a chair looking as though all the happiness in this life […]

A Boy Goes Home.

​ Home is the colour of life, of nature. When you think of nature, you think of green things; green pastures, green leaves and blossoming flowers with pollinators flying around them. When you think of nature, you close your eyes and see the woods, the stars, the sun, the moon, sunrise and sunset. Nature reminds […]

My Worst Fear.

​ Today, my worst fear came to life.  Wait. Do you have fears? Are you like me? Is there anything you are very much afraid of? Come one, don’t tell me nothing! I know many parents are scared. Scared of so many things. Some are scared that on a cold day in November, their only […]

Managing Your Freedom

​ The thing about posting something like ‘Childhood is sweet’ on Facebook is that you get to see angry kids come and attack you. It’s like they have their own association. Maybe something along the line of Association of Nigerian Kids on Facebook (ANKF). And they have meeting days. Venue is a secret Facebook group. […]

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