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I must do this if I don’t want this to be my last piece. Once in a while, you get tired of the very thing you love. Like you get tired of eating fried chicken when you’ve had more than normal, like you get tired of listening to Asa’s New Beginning after listening to it […]

The Girl From Niger

  The girl from Niger did not smile. She did not give me the look that most girls give me. That what exactly does this guy want look. She did not give me that look, which would have been a good thing if I did not know what she was thinking, if I did not […]

Conversations 101

A conversation between my brain and my heart. Blackish Blackish? Yes. Why Blackish? I dunno. Maybe because all my jokes come from there.  Most of my jokes. And you don’t want to have a wife who won’t understand your jokes,  right? Yes. And I watch an episode of Blackish almost every day. What the…? Yeah,  […]


So this is me trying to test myself, to be sure I am still fine, to be sure that I still have this thing called the writing skill. Well, I think I do – at least, I have been able to write a number of words in the last few seconds. I think that’s a […]

She is Doxa

  Writing is like digging and mining something; it takes time and effort. Oni Oladunni   The line above is the reason why I have not written anything since I got back from Niger state. It’s not exactly because there are no stories to tell. Trust me, there are a ton of stories to tell. […]

What Happened.

Our story ends well that much, I am sure of. I do not write comedy. I do not enjoy writing comedy. There are many reasons behind this but the major is that, life isn’t a comedy. In life, real life, people die. In real life, emotions get into the head and the results are not […]

What Does This Mean?

  Here is a story for you: The boy does not know when he falls in love. He is not even sure it is love but then, he knows it is something more than a mere attraction. He knows the feeling is not ordinary. He has had this feeling before, many years ago while he […]

The Girl

She will not remember me. The girl, she will not remember me. But I will. I will remember her. I will remember her smooth clay-colored skin. I will remember her smile, her small beautiful smile; that smile small children have before life hits them with a missile and blows up all the innocence in them, […]

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