Dear Orifunke Lawal

Let us stop playing this hide and seek.  See, when I was in junior secondary school, there was this girl I loved. She had the eyes of the sun and the smile of the moon. She was beautiful. Orifunke, in all fairness, there is no one like this girl. Her name is Taiwo. Yes, she […]

We All Wear Masks

I am about to wear my mask again. I wear it often, in my room, in front of my sewing machine or the glistening mirror sitting gently across the room that reflects my blazing beauty and shields my inner chaos I am Debby, the preacher’s kid with creamy chocolate skin and luscious lips. My friends […]


I am praying as I type this. Can you hear me? Can you hear it? Can you hear the sound of my tongue unfurling and my voice rising up and down? I am praying for myself primarily but I am also praying for you. In praying for myself, I pray for you. Why is that? […]

On Feminism: Is It Just?

“What is your view on feminism?” It was the first time someone genuinely asked me that question without the mocking glint that usually accompanies such a question. Without judgment, without anticipating argument, not goading me to say the wrong thing. It was just a genuine interest to know my thoughts I won’t lie I always […]

A Property Of God

My name, Inioluwa, means ‘property of God’. If you want to say it like I do, you would say, ‘God’s property’. So when I say I am Michael Inioluwa, I am indirectly informing you of a dangerous fact, which is that I am the property of God. I belong to a being higher than anyone […]

#Letter: Five Sachets of Water and Eggs

My dear 15-year-old self, You’re in a lot of mess and you can’t see farther than this year. Life always seems that way, that’s why we take life one step at a time. It is a crime to be friends with a boy in your school and everyone is talking about you. You didn’t do […]

Looking Into The Past

How am I even going to come here and lie to you all that it did not happen again, that the inevitable did not happen once again? How do these things happen? How do you go for an event and leave your heart behind? And then a black lady picks it up, sees all the […]

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