A Mother’s Love


If love is the flower that grows on the tree

I will understand why Jesus died on a tree

If love is the pain you feel for me

I will understand why you still cry for me.

Pray for me, sing for me, and think about me

I will understand why you provide my meals.

If love is what can be seen

I have eyes, and they have seen

I love you, Mother.

If love is the blood that clothed me

The day I came and was confirmed a ‘he’

I will understand why blood is thicker than water.

If love is the prayers you pray for me daily

I will understand why you still call me baby.

I am a boy, a man, but still your baby.

If love is the cutting that brought me to life

I will understand why your tears cut through me like a knife

I will understand, Mother.

If love is what you showed 

The day you took me to school while I cried

I will understand why school is what I later liked.

If love is the nights you spent awake

Because of the sleep pill I refused to take

And my breathing that is like a  whispering dome.

If love is the tears, the blood, the nights

The flowers, the pain, the prayers

I’ll understand why I understand Love.


Love is you

You are Love.

The tears

The pains

The fears

The days

All came from you

They are not you

You are Love.

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