A Journey Through Africa.

 My dear Africa,
I saw you the day before

After my journey across the shore

From Newyork  to Pittsburgh,

And from Pittsburgh to Moscow ;

I have journeyed until I found you.
I saw you in Nairobi

Your sun shinning brightly on the elegant buildings

Buildings built with blood and bones.

 I watched in awe and fear and trembling.

As the night came and the sun was disappearing

I saw you, Nairobi in all  your glory

I saw you flow in gold, black and ivory.
I saw your beauty in Pretoria.

I saw freedom in the land of slaves,

And I was filled with immeasurable euphoria 

I saw blackness of all shades

I saw you in the sons of Mandela

Your perseverance and strength like mighty waves

I saw you Africa. I saw freedom…and chains.
Then I looked to the West.

I saw you in Nigeria.

I saw a waste of nature’s gifts and blessings

I saw men with bitter yearnings

I saw poverty on the streets of gold

I saw thirst in a sea of oil

And I saw silence in human form

I saw silence in Abuja

Silence, theft and indifference.

I saw you, Africa in all your nakedness

I saw the cloak of deceit carried away by the storm

And I saw tears flow like rivers

Tears of joy, of sadness and hunger

I saw your beauty, Africa.

But still, I saw the other part. 

I saw the other part.
PHOTO CREDIT: notonthehighstreet.com

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